Make a creative clock face

Make a creative clock face

Make a creative clock face – If you’re looking for an original way to display your artwork on a wall, there aren’t many more novel ways than to create a clock face. It’s something you’re bound to look at a few times a day, and its only obstructions are a couple of hands across its face.

While creating a clock might be a creative idea you’d never even considered though, it’s as much about the maths of measuring out the degrees of a circle as it is about creating something bright and colourful in Elements. One aspect that will really define your clock is where you decide to place the numerals, and it’s important to get

that right: but luckily Elements has all the tools necessary for creating with precision.

Ultimately though, aside from the numerals and markers on the clock for the 60 minutes, the design is totally up to you. We’ve taken inspiration from a famous clock in Prague, and updated it with a modern twist of a geometric font and beach photo; but you can create whatever you like. You may want to take the idea of the circle and run with that, or you might want to just create any kind of design and add the numbers on after.

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